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How are the tables made?

We are working together with Jean Pascal Bottiero, a French carpenter who is part of the Artisans Ébénistes de France (french carpentry label of quality) and the designer Antoine Brac de la Perriere. Together we conceived the best methods to craft these tables and we made sure they fulfil all of Legacy Game Home Design's high quality standards.

Why is the shipping delay so long?

Each piece of furniture is custom made by one single person. No piece is pre constructed and everything will be created to your needs on your demand. Some of the materials need 2 to 3 weeks of delivery, it will take about a month to create your table and one week to deliver it to your home. And all this without counting the waiting list depending on incoming orders.

Who will deliver my table?

We are working with a delivery service that is specialised in delivering deluxe furniture and will make sure your table won't be suffering any damages during transport.

Why are there extra costs for shipping?

No company will offer free shipping for products of the like. This is why part of the shipping cost will be in addition to your order total. In general we add only the exact costs the delivery service will ask us without Legacy Game Home Design adding any additional costs.

Which woods are used and what are is your commitment for the protections of the environment?

We use primarily woods coming from the region of the Dauphiné (well know for it's walnut trees for example), which is situated close to the workshop of Jean Pascal Bottiero to reduce carbon emission as much as possible.

I need a special piece of furniture, can I send you my inquiry?

You can send us your inquiry's by mail.