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Starting price: 3990€


REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR TABLE - Custom made gaming table

A solid wood gaming table combining a modern design with endless possibilites and allowing you to transform every room within seconds into the ultimate gaming space


The reversible tabletop board transforms the table into a dining table in the matters of seconds. A surface of felt, erasable whiteboard or a magnetic grid can be added for even more possibilites.

A gaming board under the tabletop for an optimal gaming experience. Here again felt, whiteboard, grid or even a glass board could be added.

A drawer for each player, choose wheter you would like a little desk or a drawer with compartiments for organisation. For all of your cards, chips, counters, snacks or any other accessories that you might need during your game.

Many of our accessories can be added on the mortise around the table.

The materials

Our wood essences are all carefully chosen by our carpenter and most of them are coming from the region Dauphiné in France.

Our Legacy Game solid wood gaming tables are available in sycamore, oak or walnut. If you want another wood essence, feel free to contact us.


Sycamore – A light colour giving your table a modern and light feeling, adapting easily to modern and minimalistic interiors..

Oak – the classic. One of the most used wood essences for furniture, integrates easily in many various interiors.

Walnut – a very elegant and noble essence, walnut is darker than sycamore or oak and gives your table the final touch of luxury.


Contacez-nous pour plus de renseignements et élaborer ensemble un devis selon vos besoins !  

Notre service client peut vous conseiller en français, anglais et allemand

Par téléphone : +33 6 08 70 63 04

Par mail : legacygamehd@gmail.com

Customer service available in french, english and german


Check out our big choice of different accessories available that will come complete and customise your Legacy Game Home design gaming table for your needs.

More options available for the Versailles

Tabletop engraving – push customisation of your Legacy Game table even further with engraving your logo or other motive into the table.

Variation available – the Bastille Wargame – specific dimensions spécifiques for your figurine games – tabletop board 180x120cm.

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Table shown: 6-player Bastille in oak